Lady Death

i'm drowning in a sea of cheese

finally! the last one. this is the last of the cheesy goodness and what my case looks like presently. i've almost gotten rid of all the discontinued cheeses, leaving me with nothing but core items. sadly, there are more core items i could order in. but i don't know that i will.

i'm really going to miss this when i move
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dark faerie

all the cheese

hey. so, like, apparently i took lots of pictures of my shop. because apparently i'm super proud of it? go figure.

anyway, here are some more flights. oh, in case you're wondering, i blieve they're called flights because they take you 'round the world through the use of cheese from various countries. and you don't even have to leave your seat!
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Jean Claude

so much cheese

oh, look. its another post just filled to the brim with cheese. can you believe it?

this is a post updating what my shop looked like after the core list was changed and i got some new cheeses in. i won't name them all, but if you want to know what's what, leave a comment and i'll tell you in the answer. again, i'm putting it under a cut so as not to clutter people's dash boards.

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more cheese

more of my passion for cheese. which is funny, because when i was first put in the cheese shop, i didn't want to be there. but i am mostly autonomous, i get to be creative, and i can sell people cheese i've never even tasted before. i've increased sales and cut down on shrink. so its a good gig.

funny how things change

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dark faerie

getting cheesier

so i thought i'd post more pictures of my cheese shop and what i've been doing in the past few months.

i really love my job, despite all the politics and bullshit that come along with working for a corporate business (any business, really). it gives me a chance to be artistic at work, which feeds my soul when i can't make the brain brain. like now. i want to share my cheesiness with my friends because, honestly, if i'm not making your life cheesier, i'm not doing my job.

all pics will be behind a cut, because that's just polite and all

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gothic faerie

i'm so cheesy

so those of you who are close to me know that i went back to work a couple years back. got hired on at Kroger and placed in the deli. at first, i was set to hate it. but i worked with a good crew and my manager is such a lovely woman and, honestly, i would pretty much do anything for her. anyhow, she went on maternity leave and we got a temporary manager to steer the ship. and through a series of unimportant events, i moved from the deli proper to the cheese shop. which is part of the deli, but still something of a separate entity.

at first, i hated the very idea of it. but, as i got acclimated and learned my way around, i came to enjoy it. i am very good at my job and i've managed to bring sales up a wee bit here and there.

i've been talking about showing off my shop for a good while now, but never got a chance to get pics. that would have required charging the batteries on my digital camera and then hauling that in to work with me and trying to take pics when no one was looking. not the easiest thing to do with a full on digital camera. but! i've moved into the 21st century finally. i got a smart phone. and i finally managed to snap some pics of the shop.

i am really proud of my shop. i get compliments on it from customers and higher ups and vendors alike. when i had the olive bar, i got compliments on that, as well. lots of different people told me that it was the best looking olive bar around. so... yeah.

so here is my cheese shop. hopefully, the pictures are good. i'm still getting used to the phone. i apologize if the photos are crap.

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Jean Claude

Beyond Death: a supplemental

so i've finally... FINALLY... finished the bunny that ate my brain. all three chapters are posted and ready for reading. yes. that's right. THREE chapters. this fucking thing would not fucking die. and now you get a supplemental post. because i need to do this. for reasons

everything from here on out will be under a cut to save people's friends page because... holy shit. lots of images coming. please bear with me. and... don't kill me?

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The House of the Rising Sun, Chapter Seventeen

Title: House of the Rising Sun
Fandoms: a cross over between Marvel's X-Men (to some degree) Universe and the Anita Blake Universe
Rating: no one under 18. there will be blood and gore, sex and violence. dirty language and whatever else i feel like tossing in here.
Warning: as i said, sex and violence and dirty words. said sex will include, but not be limited to, M/F, M/M, M/F/F, F/F, M/M/F and probably any other combination i can work out. weak stomach, not my fault. you have been warned.
Disclaimer: i do not own anyone from the Marvel universe. i do not own anyone from the Anita Blake universe. i don't even own Gin. i'm lucky to own myself. i swear i'm not making any money from this. i just do what the sick voices inside my head tell me to. i write purely for my enjoyment. and possibly the comments. please don't sue, harass or bother me. i have no money to pay you, but i do have a really nasty temper. and i know some good cuss words.

The House of the Rising Sun: The Index

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Lady Death2

just how sinful am i?

i was hanging around tumblr (because its a thing, okay?) and i had to go play with a link in a post that hit my dash. this post, right here: How Sinful Are You?

i knew i had to go check it out. and i probably spent way too much time there. but it was fun and i got a chuckle out of most of the results. check more under the cut to find out what those results were.

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and this is how i spent my time today. so productive. but it was still fun.
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